Women In Soil Ecology

Connecting Women Scientists Through Soil and Ecology


Our network is aimed at connecting women scientists to build a strong community and further the fight for equity of all those identifying as women in science. We aim to establish connections among senior and junior ecologists through meetups, workshops, and peer-to-peer mentorship.

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Other networks

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Upcoming Events

Thank you to all who attended our special session and social mixer at ESA in August!

We are working on a professional development workshop for this fall. Stay tuned!

Interested in sharpening your R skills?
Check out recordings from our Spring 2021 R workshop series
Intro to R workshop here
Incorporate Github into your workflow workshop here
Organize your code using an R package workshop here
and a helpful cheat sheet here

Leadership Team

Courtney Collins
Co-Founder and Organizer

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of British Columbia


Michala Phillips
Co-Founder and Organizer

Research Ecologist, USGS
Pacific Islands Research Center


Kendall Beals

Postdoctoral Researcher
San Diego State University


Lydia Bailey
Mentorship Program Coordinator

Ph.D. Candidate
Northern Arizona University


Sierra Jech

Ph.D. Candidate
University of Colorado Boulder


Joy O'Brien

Ph.D. Student
Indiana University

Ishwora Dhungana

Ph.D. Student
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Art by: Mel Preston from "Life Belowground on the Range" field guide
Art by: Amanda Pennino

Job Opportunities

Have a job or research funding opportunity you would like posted? Submit here

Postdoc position at Michigan State University in the Sara Evans Lab
A research associate (postdoctoral position) is available in the Evans Lab at Michigan State University’s Kellogg Biological Station in soil microbial ecology. The postdoc will develop research within the overarching goal of understanding and optimizing microbial services (esp carbon accrual and nitrogen availability) in poor quality (marginal) soils. These soils are candidates for growing cellulosic bioenergy like switchgrass, and such systems provide an opportunity to enhance other ecosystem services (e.g. biodiversity) in midwestern managed landscapes. Previous work from our group in this area has focused on controls on free living nitrogen fixation; on the role of microbes in accruing soil carbon and enhancing water holding capacity; and the role of mycorrhizae in supporting nutrient acquisition and drought tolerance. The postdoc would have the opportunity to use long-term field treatments at KBS, experimental mesocosm systems for synthetic communities, existing microbial datasets, and existing culture collections (including sysgenic bacteria) to develop an impactful project building off these topics. They would also interact with a large team of collaborators at MSU and if desired, have the opportunity to forge non-academic partnerships (industry, non-profit, etc) that relate to sustainability solutions and soil health.
More info here

Postdoc position at the University of Georgia in the Anny Chung Lab
The successful applicant will work within a large collaborative research team of faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and students with expertise in using mathematical, statistical, and empirical approaches in plant and microbial population and community ecology. The candidate will lead benchwork and bioinformatics analyses to uncover the mechanisms of community assembly in root and soil microbiomes of loblolly, tulip poplar, and sorghum . There is also potential for pursuing more independent projects under the general umbrella of: the ecology of plant-soil feedbacks and plant-microbe interactions, competition and coexistence, and effects of climate variability and elevated CO2 on plants and microbes.
Topics: Belowground microbiome assembly
Contact: Dr. Anny Chung
(sent as single PDF: cover letter, one-pager of research interest, CV) More info here

Economic Tools Development Senior Health Soil Scientist
Topics: Fully remote position, soil health
Contact: atappross@farmland.org
More info here

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